The-Illusion-Dog-Collar-and-Leash-Set Product Review from Camping With DogsThis leash and collar set was invented for people who have trouble controlling their dog during walks. From the renowned “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Milan, the Illusion Dog Collar & Leash set is designed differently from standard dog collars. Standard dog collars rest on the strongest part of the dog’s neck which allows the dog to maintain full control during walks. The Illusion Dog Collar & Leash set is designed to keep the slip collar (also referred to as choke collars, choke chains and slip chains) at the top of the dog’s neck which allows you to take all the control during your walk. The “Next Generation” in the product name refers to a newly designed second generation that has new features including new clip buckles and connecting straps. The new clip buckles make it easier to apply and adjust the collar. In this generation of the collar and leash, the connecting straps have been permanently sewn into place saving the owner from having to adjust them every time. The collar comes in three sizes: small, medium and large:

  • Small 13″ – 15″ (33 – 38 cm)
  • Medium 16″ – 19″ (40.5 – 48.25 cm)
  • Large 20″ – 23″ (51 – 58.5 cm)

While this dog collar looks similar to a harness, it is quite different. A dog harness fits over the dog’s chest, shoulder and ribs. The Illusion Collar provides proper positioning for the slip collar by fitting the entire length of the dog’s neck. It should also be noted that this collar is not a replacement for your dog’s standard collar that you might use to carry identification. The Illusion Collar is strictly designed for walking and training your dog and should not be left on at all times. For the safety of your dog you should never leave your dog unsupervised with any correcting collar including the Illusion Collar.

“The walk is the foundation of your relationship with your dog. By mastering the walk, you have the ability to truly bond with your dog as the Pack Leader.” – Cesar Millan


Important: If the measurement of your dog’s neck is less than 13 inches or more than 23 inches around the base, this collar should NOT be used. The Illusion Collar is not intended for dogs weighing less than 18 pounds (8.2 kilograms), or for puppies under one year of age. Please consult your vet about any medical conditions before using this or any corrective collar.


The Illusion Dog Collar & Leash Set (Next Generation)


“This is huge and make our walks so much more enjoyable.” – Jane H. Davis, Amazon.com

“This collar is absolutely amazing! We have the most hyper and stubborn Boxer on the planet! Our trainer recommended this collar that she just finished using on another boxer. She let me borrow it until I bought my own (which after the first class, I went straight home and ordered it). It was amazing! She’s like a different dog. It gives so much control over her. I barely have to tug at it and she straightens up and refocuses.” – LaurenRCA, Amazon.com

“This collar is the first thing that has helped our dog walk in 8 years. Mona Lisa walked the very first time we used it. I recommend it to anyone.” – London Conyun, Amazon.com

“Rescued a 2yr old 60+ pound Boxer that was a terror to walk!” – Doodle, Amazon.com

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