Nit Ize Dawg Collar to help illuminate your dog's presence when camping or hiking
When camping or hiking with your dog at night it is essential to have some type of illumination device so you and others can easily spot your dog. The Nite Ize Dawg Collar comes in 3 sizes to fit most dogs. The Nite Ize website has a fitting guide to help you measure your dog for correct fit. The compartment that holds the included 3V Lithium 2032 coin-cell battery and on/off switch is weather resistant for those nights with light rain or snow. However, the manufacturer does not recommend fully immersing the device in water. The collar has a glow mode and a flashing mode. In glow mode the device will run on its included battery for 75 hours and 100 hours in Flash mode. It comes in red and orange and the LED is super-efficient at 100,000 hours and visible up to 1,000 feet. When the device is not turned on it still provides nighttime protection via a reflective stripe. The collar includes a metal d-ring and quick release buckle.


“Wonderful Collar: We have had this collar on our Black Great Dane for over 2 years, it is his primary collar. It is used every night for 15-20 minutes or longer. I change the battery twice a year, you can tell when it has to be changed because the collar isn’t as bright as it used to be. ” – AvidCamper, REI.com

“This collar is awsome, it is a really bright constant glow. My dogs wrestle with them on and they still work so i would say they are durable as well. These work really well for night walking or backpacking deep in the back country. ” – doglovin, REI.com

“Dawglite does just what is advertised to do, it makes it easy to find you dog in the dark. BUT it may have one more better effect. I had my dogs in a rural RV park after dark, three Cairn Terriers all lit up. I met someone who had been walking a dog in the very same area the night before. She and the dogs had been stalked by a coyote!! She managed to chase it away. I don’t know if any were around when we were there but maybe the flashing collars served as a warning to the coyote. We did not see any on our trek.” – DMB, Amazon.com


“Works fine but there are better options: This item works just the way it’s supposed to. It is a good secondary collar to use as a light. It’s pretty bright and easy enough to see. My dog has longer hair though and sometimes that fall on top of it which blocks some of the light. Also, it’s a little more of a hassle to put this on and off than just leave a light on him all the time.” – D.James, Amazon.com

“Decent Quality, Odd Sizing:The construction quality was lower then hoped and the sizing is a little odd. I ended up returning the collar as it would never fit my 50lb boxer quite right. The inner light makes it so you can’t fully take advantage of the sizing, so there is a much smaller range of length adjustments.” – JHL, Amazon.com

“I have used it as his main collar while hiking and while speaking at camps. At the camp he was in the water a lot (rivers and lakes) though it worked all week fine, I later discovered the battery casing had leaked and the batteries had flooded. So I wouldn’t recommend this collar for prolonged us in the water.” – Murph Dog, REI.com

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