The most powerful investment that you can make in your relationship with your dog and your dog’s relationship to others is simple dog obedience training. The following dog obedience tutorials are meant to give you the most efficient and effective access for the latest tips and tricks to training your dog on five simple dog obedience commands: “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “down”, and “heel”.

Video Tutorials on The Five Core Dog Obedience Commands:

Click each dog obedience video tutorial in order to teach your dog the five critical obedience commands:

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By “simple dog obedience training”, we are not focused on Scout having to jump through flaming hoops of fire. Our simple dog obedience approach is simply focused….Meaning, that we believe that the 5 simple basic dog obedience commands of “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “heel”, and “down” will provide you and your dog a lifetime of relief from misadventure. They are also the easiest dog obedience commands to master, thereby allowing you and your dog to make efficient and effective use of your time. Less time training, more time playing. Due to the social nature of dogs, they look forward to nothing more than spending time with you. And teaching your dog basic obedience commands will create a lifetime bond that you both will value.

By mastering these five simple dog obedience commands you and your dog will be ready for any out of home adventure, including but not limited to fun camping trips.

If you have any simple (or even advanced) dog training tips, we would love to hear about them in the Dog Obedience Training Group of our Camping With Dogs Forum.