First Aid Tips for Dogs

First Aid Tips for Your Active Dog

Living the active dog lifestyle? Then you probably want to be prepared for any type of injury that may occur to your dog. Before you go traveling with your dog, look up Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals near the destination and document their...
Camping with Dogs Etiquette

Camping With Dog Etiquette

Many campgrounds have ceased to allow dogs on their premises due to other dog owners’ lack of camping with dogs etiquette. Letting the dog run loose around the campground, bringing a dog that barks constantly, bringing a dog that is aggressive...
Precision Pet Ultimate Excercise Pen

Review: Precision Pet® Ultimate Exercise Pen

Precision Pet® Ultimate Exercise Pen Reviewed by Scout the Dog on September 22 We were talking with friends about what their best resource is when camping with dogs. These folks are avid campers and mentioned this Ultimate Exercise Pen...
Nit Ize Dawg Collar to help illuminate your dog's presence when camping or hiking

Review: Nite Ize Dawg Collar

Nite Ize Dawg Collar Reviewed by Scout the Dog on September 24 When camping or hiking with your dog at night it is essential to have some type of illumination device so you and others can easily spot your dog. The Nite Ize Dawg Collar...


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