Water Bottle for the active dog lifestyle
This 25-oz stainless steel water bottle is essential gear for the active dog lifestyle. Protect your dog from waterborne bacteria and viruses by bringing a fresh supply of water wherever you go. The cap of the dog water bottle removes to become the bowl. The handler of the dog pours the water into the cap and distributes to the dog from the cap thus having the ability to prevent water bloat for an active dog. With 25-oz of water, the bottle holds enough water for short or long dog hikes or walks and any water that is not drank can be easily poured back into the bottle for later. The dog water bottle also comes in handy on long car rides, saving you from having to exit the vehicle to give water to your dog. You can easily pour a capful of water in the car. We recommend replacing the clip of the water bottle with a stronger caribiner as some have complained that the included clip is a bit flimsy. If you don’t have anything to clip the water bottle to, you can purchase a separate sling that allows you to carry over your shoulder. The water bottle was selling on Amazon.com for $14.99 last we checked and qualifies for Amazon Prime 2-day shipping. The handiness of this water bottle will serve you well when camping with dogs or during any daily activity you engage with your dog.

H204K9 Water Bottle Video Information


“Overall, this is the best dog water bottle I have found after trying 3 different ones. ” – CMB, Amazon.com

“I got this along with the neoprenen holder. I love them both. My Goldendoodle has a beard and the cup on this bottle helps keep the water from all over my car. I bring it every were I bring my dogs. ” – Denise, Amazon.com

“I bought this a few weeks ago when the heat index was 111 for many days. I’ve been using it ever since. My dog is a small min-pin mix, so it carries way more water than she can drink. It’s really been great for her in the hot weather, so I recommend it. It’s not flimsy folding plastic like the others, either, which is a bonus. ” – A. Jarrell,Amazon.com

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