We often come across great gear for humans while searching and reviewing dog gear. As we come across great supplies that we think would come in handy for you, we will list them below. We update the below list periodically and please note that all the links will take you to the manufacturer’s or retailer’s website where you can get more information or purchase directly.

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Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Fundamentals First-Aid Kit

This first aid kit contains enough medical supplies to support 1 to 8 people on a 1 to 14 day camping trip. The pack contains essential first aid items for you and your dog. Easy Care™ system organizes contents by injury type, saving valuable response time. Also includes, ''A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine''. For more information and a thorough product video, click here.

Price, last time we checked: $99.99

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Adventure Kit - Camping Gear

When you have limited space, every ounce counts and you need a device that will provide hours of power to your electronic safety, communication and other electronic devices, the Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Adventure kit is a must have camping equipment device. Combining the Nomad 13.5 Solar Panel with the Sherpa 50 power pack, this system will provide 50-watt hours to power your critical electronic gear. It comes in compact, lightweight, weather resistant case. Features mono-crystalline panels that collect 13.5w of solar power and are highly efficient. An LCD status monitor displays remaining power in 20% increments. The Sherpa 50 powerpack conveniently takes a power charge from a wall plug or car adapter and charges any USB-based, 12V-based or AC-Compatible device. Imported from the UK, this power kit comes with an AC wall charger and female cigarette adapter chord. The Sherpa 50's are stackable allowing you to prepare maximum power for your camping adventure. Don't get caught in the cold or heat without power to your critical electronic safety devices. Testimonial:

"My son and I went to Isle Royale, MI for an 11 day backpacking adventure. He brought his goal zero rock-out box and I had the Sherpa Adventure 50 and Goal 10 (for the GPS). At first I wasn't sure if it worked because of the limited sunlight. But once we reached the Greenstone ridge it was amazing how fast it charged (direct sunlight =a must). We used it over and over and found ourselves singing quite a bit (rock out box awesome!). I've had other solar chargers, I love this. Very well thought out engineering with how you can charge an iPad, or chain together other goal zero sherpa's, all in all, excellent product, thank you Goal Zero!" - waudlob from St. Donatus, IA at REI.com

Price, last time we checked: $360.00

Sea to Summit X-Plate

Don't leave home without this 5-star rated, bestselling camping gear from REI.com. The Sea to Summit X-Plate has an innovative collapsible design making it lightweight and space efficient for your camping trip. With silicon sides and nylon base it is heat-safe up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The product is dishwasher safe so when you bring it home you can be sure to clean it thoroughly. The base is super durable allowing it to not only serve as a plate but also a camping food preparation cutting board.

Price, last time we checked: $19.95

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