You may want to invest in one of the dog tents listed below to be used both at home and away. Investing in the right dog tent will help your dog feel comfortable and stay safe in the outdoors. Below you will find a list of dog tents that fit many occasions and price points. We update this list of dog tents periodically and please note that all the links will take you to the manufacturer’s or retailer’s website where you can get more information or purchase directly.

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Kyjen Outward Hound Shade Shelter - Dog Tents

This extra large Shade Shelter is an easy-to-assemble shelter that will come in handy when camping with dogs. The Shade Shelter is extremely portable and fits into a compact, convenient carrying bag with handle that can be easily stored and transported with the rest of your camping gear. In just moments it can be removed and assembled into a 4-feet square by 3-feet high shelter. Essential gear for camping with dogs, this Dog Shade Shelter keeps your dog cool and out of the sun and dirt.


"The Kyjen dog tent is great. It is easy to set up and has great features like zipper closures and screen sides when you want to let air through for your dog. When you're done, it packs down to a really small size, making it easy to store." - J. Donner, Amazon.com

"Great Portable Pet Shelter, for more than just camping!" - LeftOversforDinner, Amazon.com

Price, last time we checked: $59.99

Petego Umbra Portable Pet House and Containment System

This gets portable pet shelter makes a great camping dog tent and receives 100% 5-star reviews on Amazon.com. Derived from Petego's famous Dog-Bag, the Umbra Portable Pet House is an ultra-light dog shelter which comes with a messenger style bag. You can use this portable dog tent for more than just camping. It can act as a portable dog house or a dog containment system when traveling. It's unique design allows it to be popped up in seconds and collapsed with the same speed. The portable dog tent features a "front porch" for your dog and mesh windows that are claw-proof.
"We purchased two of these for our dogs. The mechanical design of the pop of feature is done very well. Solid, durable and has a place to secure the cords to prevent the tent from an accidental collapse. We travel with our dogs and this has made carrying their crates into hotels so much more manageable. The crate comes with a bag that has a shoulder strap." - ClickyPaws, Amazon.com

"I've owned several tents made like this but this is the best by far. Strong material, easy to operate. " - Paula Haffner, Amazon.com

"I bought the medium tent for my dog who is about 30 pounds. She started chewing just about...everything in the house so I looked into getting a crate but they all seemed so small and I wanted something with a little more room and that I could easily take with me when I travel. This 'pup tent' is great! There is plenty of room for her dog bed, food and water bowl plus some toys. I thought she would chew through it at first but it's very durable. " - Girl Next Door, Amazon.com

Price, last time we checked: $130.00

Pet Gear Octagon Pet Pen with Removable Top - Dog Travel Gear

Pet Gear Octagon Pet Pen is a wonderful place for your small dog and can be used as a dog tent when camping. It is vented on all sides and the top can be left open or closed. The front door allows for easy access when opened. It is a great travel pen as it folds completely flat and is lightweight. This also makes it easy to set up and take down for quick access. Made of 600 denier nylon. Ideal for pets up to 30-pounds.

Price, last time we checked: $70.00

Shady Dog Shade Screen

The Shady Dog Shade Screen is a protector of wind, heat and sun for your dog’s kennel. Similar tent material but a bit tougher, the shade screen is made of high-density polyethylene which is a common plastic used in products and packaging such as milk jugs, garbage containers and detergent bottles. The shade is knitted together using a lockstitch, the most common form of stitching by sewing machines. The shade screens are UV-stabilized which means they will not break down over long periods of sun exposure. They come in two colors, black and green and provide a 60% shade factor and can reduce the temperature by as much as 15 degrees which would make a 90-degree day a 75-degree day for your dog in their kennel. The Shady Dog Shade screen achieves its purpose by blocking hot infrared sun rays and by drawing cool air up from the ground. The manufacturer claims these dog kennel shades will not rot or mildew. The complete kennel cooling kit includes a Kennel Cover, Dewitt Clip-ITS to hang and secure the shade screen, and a spiral wrapped filament rope for any tie-down needs. The shade comes in two colors (black and green) and 4 sizes: 6’x8’, 6’x10’, 10’x10’ and 12’x12’.

“We used this for an existing 10 x 10 kennel for our collie and it is working out just fine. I really should have ordered the 12 x 12 to give us more room to tie it down, but this one is working.” – JAS, Amazon.com

“Love this shade. We installed it underneath a pergola to diffuse light just a little more. It definitely does drop the temperature underneath a few degrees. The fabric does stretch a bit. However, the reason I took off 1 star is that one or two of the grommet holes is tearing away from the fabric.” – David from YTown, Amazon.com

View the 6'x8' Shady Dog Shade Screen
View the 6'x10' Shady Dog Shade Screen
View the 10'x10' Shady Dog Shade Screen
View the 12'x12' Shady Dog Shade Screen

Price, last time we checked: $70.00

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