EzyDog Summit BackpackA dog backpack is essential gear for living the active dog lifestyle. By fitting your dog with a dog backpack you not only gain some utility with extra storage space, but you also give your dog a responsibility while on the go and having the extra weight can increase your dogs activity and fitness. Dog backpacks are made for all size dogs from small the large. In this Essential Active Dog Lifestyle Gear Review, we review one dog backpack, the Summit Backpack from EzyDog.

“Give your dog a job to do.” – Cesar Millan, Dog Whisperer

EzyDog Summit BackpackEzyDog’s Summit Backpack is a good backpack for hiking with your dog or long dog walks. The dog backpack is made of a durable, yet lightweight nylon material called Ripstop 420d. At the core of the backpack is the EzyDog chest plate harness made of a rubber material that will conform to your dog’s chest over time for a custom fit which eliminates chafing and helps to keep the pack from rolling from side to side. The chest plate harness is an award winning harness that is an added bonus of this backpack. The side compartments of the backpack have a quick release buckle, similar to a messenger bag. In the side compartment are two pockets and a pouch. The pockets are good for holding pickup bags, tissues, treats or other small items that you may access frequently. The main compartment at the top of the dog backpack is made of a lightweight waterproof material with a waterproof zipper. In this storage compartment you can place items such as water bottles, collapsible dog bowls, Frisbees and the like. The panel that fits over the dog’s back is padded and breathable. The back of the dog backpack has two unique features. A padded lift handle which would come in handy if you need to provide your dog some assistance by lifting over obstacles while hiking. It also contains a what EzyDog calls a “leash caddy”. The leash caddy is a velcro strap at the front of the backpack that fastens the handle of the leash to the backpack. This allows your dog to carry their own leash when off leash. The pack is designed with reflective material to help keep your dog safe at night.

Dog Backpack Sizing

The pack holds maintains between 250 cubic inches of space and 850 cubic inches of space. The following sizing chart is provided by EzyDog:

SMALL 15-40 lbs 16-29″ 9×6” 250 cu in
MEDIUM 35 – 70 lbs 22-37″ 11×8” 450 cu in
LARGE 65-100 lbs 26-45″ 13×9” 600 cu in
X-LARGE 95+ lbs 34-55″ 15×10” 850 cu in

Dog Backpack Sizing Chart


While the pack contains weatherproof materials, it cannot keep the backpack contents dry if your dog submerges the pack in a lake or river. If you think your dog may go swimming with the backpack, then be sure to pack your items in drysacs or ziplock bags.

From our research some people have challenges with keeping a snug fit between the backpack and the dog. The straps are easy to adjust if the backpack loosens due to your dog’s activity, but some reviewers complain that this needs to be done often. Other users of the backpack have found that the backpack remains snug and fit and never needs adjustments. In our review we found that this dog backpack mainly stays snug and fit for most purchasers of this backpack. Make sure you measure your dog according to the dog backpack sizing chart above and purchase the proper pack.

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“I wanted a durable, comfortable, and highly adjustable pack that would be stable on my very active Border Collie’s back. The EzyDog Summit meets all our needs. My guy is chesty and, at sixty pounds, on the huskier side of the male BC scale but the Medium – which runs large – adusted down to a perfect fit.” – Jupinion, Amazon.com

“I just got one of these packs a couple of weeks ago, Bocephus didn’t like it at first but after a few hikes he loves it. He can carry all of his stuff and mine now, its great for strength training for dock dogs. As always we get lots of comments on how good our EZYDOG gear looks, and how well it performs Thanks again.” – Jonny & Bocephus, EzyDog.com

“This is a terriffic back pack, good for multiple uses. I have large therapy dogs, (a Great Dane & German Sheperd), & have had problems finding well made comfortable products that are actually adjustable, comfortable, & user friendly. These packs are light yet roomy, great for hiking or work settings.” – Lucy5195, Amazon.com

“I purchased the EzyDog Summit Backpack in a size small for my 44lb Queensland Heeler mix. We do lots of hiking and horse back riding, so I wanted to make sure I could carry enough water for both of us. This pack is the perfect size to fit water, collapsing bowl and some treats. It is not bulky and doesn’t bounce much when she runs and jumps. The straps adjust nicely and the padding behind the buckles protect her from any rubbing. I especially like the angle of the chest strap.” – Chris in Dewey, Amazon.com

Dog Backpack Video Demonstrations

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