Nutramax Dausquin Image

Active Dog Product Review: Nutramax Dasuquin with MSM

Nutramax Dasuquin with MSM for Dogs Reviewed by Ruff Dog on June 06 As your dog starts to age, their body breaks down just like ours. Our Ruff Dogs also undergo the same type of injuries that we do, such as torn ACL/CCL and arthritis…especially...

Dog Backpack Gear Review: EzyDog Summit Backpack

EzyDog Summit Backpack Reviewed by Scout the Dog on November 5 A dog backpack is essential gear for living the active dog lifestyle. By fitting your dog with a dog backpack you not only gain some utility with extra storage space, but you...

Ruff Dog Stuff Gear Review: H2O4K9, Stainless Steel K9 Water Bottle

H2O4K9, Stainless Steel K9 Water Bottle, 25-Ounce Reviewed by Scout the Dog on October 8 This 25-oz stainless steel water bottle is essential gear for the active dog lifestyle. Protect your dog from waterborne bacteria and viruses by bringing...
Camping Dangers when Camping with Dogs

Beware of the biggest dangers when camping with dogs

There are few feelings as freeing and revitalizing as getting away from it all with a back-to-nature camping trip. Having your family and friends together while doing so only enhances these feelings. And there is probably no family member...
The-Illusion-Dog-Collar-and-Leash-Set Product Review from Camping With Dogs

Review: The Illusion Dog Collar & Leash Set (Next Generation)

The Illusion Dog Collar & Leash Set Reviewed by Scout the Dog on September 26 This leash and collar set was invented for people who have trouble controlling their dog during walks. From the renowned “Dog Whisperer” Cesar...


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